Sympathy for the Devil: Nicolas Cage & Joel Kinnaman for lead thriller

Therefore VarietyOscar winner Nicolas Cage (Pig) and The Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman has signed on to star in the upcoming psychological thriller titled Sympathy with the devil, which is currently in production in Las Vegas. Cage will play the role of a mysterious man named The Passenger, while Kinnaman will play a character called The Driver.

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“This is a tour de force with two incredible actors,” producer Allan Ungar said in a statement. “As an acclaimed filmmaker, Yuval has assembled the perfect cast and brought a unique and gritty vision to this film that is sure to captivate audiences.”

Sympathy with the devil will be directed by Yuval Adler, best known for his award-winning debut feature Bethlehem. The upcoming film also marks Adler’s second collaboration with Kinnaman after working together on the 2019 thriller Secrets we keep.

“The film follows Kinnaman’s The Driver as he finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse after being forced to drive a mysterious man known as The Passenger,” reads the logline. “It sets things up for a white-knuckle ride.”

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Sympathy with the devil is produced by Ungar, Christian Mercuri, Stuart Manashil and Marc Goldberg. Executive producers are Alex Lebovici, David Haring, David Sullivan, Jason Soto, Tim Moore, Courtney Chenn and Waylen Lin.

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