Xbox Boss Gives Perfect Dark Reboot Update, Compares It To Bourne, 007

Despite concerns that the upcoming Perfect darkness reboot was in bad shape, head of Xbox Games Studios Matt Booty has denied any problems with the game.

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During this weekend’s PAX West 2022 convention, Booty was asked about fans’ concerns about developer The Initiative partnering with Crystal Dynamics to work on the game, a move many saw as a sign that the game was in bad shape. However, Booty says it’s simply standard practice among video games today.

“How we make games is evolving,” Booty said (via Eurogamer). “The idea of ​​a single team under one roof really doesn’t happen that often anymore.”

Booty went on to note that he had seen the rumors floating around the web, but insisted that they were just that. He went on to say that it made perfect sense for Xbox to partner with a studio that has a history of making games similar to it Perfect darkness strives to be.

“We just did this big partnership with Crystal Dynamics, and I read online that that must mean there’s a problem. It’s the exact opposite,” Booty said. “You have this veteran team at Crystal Dynamics, a big AAA teams with over a hundred people becoming available – of course we want to work with them, especially if they’ve made a game like it before.”

Booty also compared the game to franchises such as The Bourne Identity and James Bond.

“What’s so cool about it Perfect darknessabout Joanna Dark, is the fantasy of the super agent, That Bourne Identity, James Bond kind of thing,” Booty described. “It’s a cool meme, it’s something people want to lean on. But we have to make sure it comes across the right way.”

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After being announced at The Game Awards 2020 in the form of a teaser trailer, not much else has been shown on the planned game. Currently, the title is still in development, with both The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics working on the title, with the latter still helping to develop the title despite being recently acquired by the Embracer Group.

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