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During an interview with ComingSoon prior to the publication of Last lightlimited series streaming on the Peacock starting September 8, Matthew Fox revealed what it was about the series that made him choose to return to acting after seven years.

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When asked why Last light was the series to bring him back in front of a camera, Fox elaborated:

“On a storytelling level, I just thought that this beautiful family at the core of it and those separated across continents in the middle of this crisis was … I’m drawn to that kind of thing. I think we all are is,” Fox said. “I think we all relate to that, and I think we’re always invested in that, especially if we really care about the family. Hopefully we’ve set it up in a way where you care about these characters right off the bat. The macro of … this oil crisis and what it’s doing to Europe and spreading rapidly and the chaos that follows and the vulnerability and the risk … it’s always fascinating to me. It is clear that it is very current with what we have going on in the world with climate change and war, where oil becomes a weapon. I feel like all the elements added to me are drawn to it on a personal note, to be really honest with you.”

Fox was also excited to be an executive producer on the series.

“I was thrilled to have an executive producer position and, for the first time in my career, I would have the opportunity to be more involved in more aspects of the storytelling than just the character I defend and portray,” Fox continued. “I was going to get an opportunity to do it with my managing partner, Bill Choi. We had become very, very good friends and have similar tastes, and we wanted to finally have an opportunity to collaborate creatively on something. So it crossed all those fields for me. I was also, secretly, really excited to find out what it would feel like to get back in front of a camera and act again, I hadn’t done that and hadn’t been on a set in seven years, and it was really rewarding. So the whole thing was a great experience.”

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“In the series, petrochemist Andy Yeats knows how dependent the world is on oil; if something were to happen to the world’s oil supply, it would set off a chain reaction: transportation would grind to a halt, supplies would cease to be delivered, law enforcement would be overwhelmed ,” reads the synopsis. “While on a business trip to the Middle East, Andy realizes his worst fears are coming true and his family is separated at this defining moment. His teenage daughter, Laura, is home alone in London, while his wife, Elena, and young son, Sam, are in Paris. In the midst of this chaos, each family member will sacrifice everything to find each other despite the distance and the dangers that separate them.”

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