Spy Kids Reboot Wraps Production, Robert Rodriguez Shares Photo

Director Robert Rodriguez stepped up Instagram to confirm that production on Netflix’s upcoming Spy Kids the reboot movie has finally finished.

In his post, the franchise creator celebrated filming by recreating a 2002 photo of him with his son Racer Max on the set of Spy Kids 2who now also acts as co-author of the reboot.

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That Spy Kids the reboot will be produced and directed by Robert Rodriguez from a script he is co-writing with Racer Max, who will also produce. The upcoming film stars Zachary Levi, Gina Rodriguez, Everly Carganilla, newcomer Connor Esterson and Billy Magnussen.

The film is “set after the children of the world’s greatest secret agents unwittingly help a powerful game developer unleash a computer virus that gives him control over all technology, leading them to become spies themselves to save their parents and the world,” according to the synopsis.

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The producers are David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger, who will oversee the development and production of the project on behalf of Skydance. It will be produced by Spyglass’ Gary Barber and Peter Oillataguerre, with Elizabeth Avellan producing.

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