The Hogwarts Legacy Featurette shows the common rooms of the house

Warner Bros. Interactive and Avalanche Software have released a new featurette for Hogwarts Legacywhich shows different aspects of Hogwarts Castle.

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Community Manager Chandler Wood hosts the featurette in front of the Hogwarts replica at Universal Studios. In the video, each of the common rooms of the Hogwarts house is shown. Slytherin’s dungeon-based rooms, Gryffindor’s elevated lobby, the enigmatic Ravenclaw dormitory, and the cavernous Hufflepuff common room are all seen in all their glory. Other iconic locations from around the castle are also seen, many of which will be instantly recognizable to fans.

Wood also reveals that players can connect their Harry Potter Fan Club account for their WB Games account at Wizarding World website to transfer their Hogwarts house and wand into the game and earn exclusive in-game cosmetics

Watch the full featurette below:

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Hogwarts Legacy will take place at Hogwarts in the late 1800s, as students will choose their own Hogwarts house and attend a variety of classes. Other areas will also be explorable, such as the Forbidden Forest and the village of Hogsmeade. There will also be different kinds of spells, potions and combat abilities, as well as lethality and player customization systems.

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