Spider-Man: No Way Home Re-release adds new post-credits scene

The coming Spider-Man: No Way Home re-release will allow fans to check out the hit film again, but it will also feature a brand new post-credits scene that has made its way online.

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The new post-credits scene confirms what the end of the movie suggested, and that after the magic Doctor Strange performs, people don’t remember Peter Parker anymore. The scene features Betty Brant’s final school segment at Midtown Technical High School, where she reviews their history at the school as they prepare for graduation.

As various photos and montages play, Brant highlights things like the school’s Decathalon trip to Washington, DC in Spider-Man: Homecoming and their journey to Europe i Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is not seen in any of the footage or photos, suggesting that he is all but gone in the memories of his friends and those who know him.

This scene also shows exactly how Doctor Strange’s spell worked, as some fans wondered how detailed it would be by the time the original film ended. Now it seems that not only does everyone not remember that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, but they don’t remember Parker whatsoever, which was also hinted at at the end of the movie when Parker runs into Happy Hogan at May Parker’s grave. .

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The film currently has a worldwide gross of over $1.8 billion at the box office, which is now likely to increase after its next set of screenings.

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