MultiVersus Teaser Hints Gremlins’ Gizmo Is Coming –

Player First Games has already confirmed that Stripe from Gremlins franchise was entering MultiVersus. But it looks like he won’t be the only Gremlin, as the developer teases that series protagonist Gizmo will also be coming to the platformer.

The game’s Twitter account tweeted that it had a “fluffy surprise” for players on Tuesday. The attached teaser starts off focused on a mysterious box before slowly zooming in on it to reveal a pair of Gremlin hands with some white fur. It cuts fast, but it’s heavily implied to be Gizmo. It’s unlikely that Gizmo would be an original fighter, and quite possibly he’ll just be another skin for Stripe, like Jake and Cake in the base game.

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Gizmo was also originally one of the leaked characters that was on the same list which other fighters like Rick, Morty and LeBron James, who have all been confirmed. That leak also featured characters like The Wicked Witch The Wizard of Oz, who was also in some data mined voice lines along with Beetlejuice.

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