SNK expresses interest in reviving SNK vs. Capcom –

Fighting games are a decent part of SNK and Capcom’s individual libraries, but the two companies used to make crossover fighting games with each other’s properties. That SNK vs. Capcom series has been dormant for decades, but it seems that at least SNK is interested in reviving that relationship.

According to an interview with Video Games ChronicleYauyuki Oda, who was the producer of several recent fighting games such as Samurai Shodown, SNK Heroines: Take Team Frenzyand The King of Fighters XIVsaid he was into the idea of ​​bringing back these crossover games.

“Certainly in the future, it’s something that I think everybody on all sides, in both parties, is interested in making happen,” he said.

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While speaking on behalf of Capcom, a company he used to work for, he admitted that SNK has not spoken “in detail” with Capcom yet.

“We haven’t really talked in detail with anyone at Capcom about it. It might have come off as a vague comment,” Oda said. “However, we have a lot of experience [in crossovers] with things like Akuma and Geese in it The teakTerry [Bogard] in Fighting EX LayerTerry in Smash Bros.and Baiken in Samurai showdown. But recently we haven’t actually done anything with Capcom, even about character collaboration. Saw that poster [at Evo]in our understanding, it was the first step towards something like this happening in the future.”

The posters he was referring to were at Evo 2022, which showed both Capcom and SNK fighters officially together on the same artwork. Some thought this led to a special Evo announcement that never came. However, it seemed like the reaction to that art showed how many fans wanted another one SNK vs. Capcom or Capcom vs. SNK.

“Especially after we saw the reaction to it [posters]it helped us confirm that it’s probably one of the most sought-after items from the fighting game community worldwide,” he said.

Oda also noted that it would be too long for him to wait another 20 years and that they will “try to get it done in 10.”

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Nothing has been confirmed and Capcom has not responded. But Capcom vs. SNK 2 Director Hideaki Itsuno told Polygon in a oral history on the series to be released in January 2021, which he would “love to do Capcom vs. SNK 3” and that he had two ideas for a one-on-one fighting game. He then stated that it was more about getting an opportunity to pull it off, and that there was a “decent but far from confirmed chance” that he would personally work on another fighting game. Itsuno is now working on the newly confirmed Dragon’s Dogma 2. He also noted that they were working on a third entry for the PlayStation 2, but it was canceled when SNK filed for bankruptcy.

SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium was re-released on Switch in early 2021. SNK producer Adam Laatz told Nintendo’s life that Capcom was integral in getting that port released and that he hoped it would “serve as an opportunity for more releases to come in the future.”

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