She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 3 Release Date and Time on Disney+

That She-Hulk: Lawyer The release of episode 3 is approaching.

After acquiring her mighty powers thanks to a crazy incident, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is about to learn that the superhero life is not as easy as it seems. One of the first tests she had to overcome was finding a job that would accept her being able to transform into She-Hulk at will in front of a live audience. Yet this was only the beginning of a long road full of challenges.

When to see She-Hulk Section 3

She-Hulk: Lawyer Episode 3 premieres on Disney+ at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT on Thursday, September 1. Kat Coiro directed the upcoming episode with a script by Francesca Gailes and Jacqueline J. Gailes. The series concludes with its ninth installment on October 13. So far, the eighth Marvel TV series has introduced the titular superheroine into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and brought back some familiar faces. The returning cast includes Tim Roth reprising his role as Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination, the villain first seen in The Incredible Hulk.

Many years have passed since Emil and Bruce Banner locked horns for the first time. Now both have changed – in fact, one of them is a completely different person – and seem to have put the past behind them. Has Abomination truly reformed and abandoned his villainous ways, or is it just an act? Episode 3 will bring more answers.

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Avengers: Endgame star Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Additional cast includes Jameela Jamil, Ginger Gonzaga, as well as Renée Elise Goldsberry and Josh Segarra. Megan Thee Stallion is also rumored to appear in the series. Among other surprises, Charlie Cox reprises his role as Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

She-Hulk comes from lead writer Jessica Gao, the Emmy-winning writer behind Rick and Morty’s the acclaimed Season 3 episode “Pickle Rick,” among other credits. Cairo (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Death to me) and Anu Valia serve as directors and executive producers.

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