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Sony has heavily advertised Hogwarts Legacy through a special DualSense trailer and its own condition, and it looks like that relationship will continue into the game as well. Those on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be able to enjoy an exclusive mission. That was also confirmed Hogwarts Legacy will not have any kind of externally traced moral system.

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As found by Twitter user RetroRaconteur, the PlayStation Store listing for the action role-playing game lists an exclusive mission as one of the benefits of purchasing any version of the game on PlayStation platforms. Community Manager Chandler Wood noted on Twitter that this mission will be for everyone who gets the game on these platforms regardless of pre-order status or whether it’s a digital or physical copy. People who pre-order on PlayStation will get an exclusive Felix Francis potion, but details on that (and the quest) are coming soon, according to Wood.

Wood also highlighted the game’s morality system, or lack thereof, on Twitter after being asked for a change inside game’s existing FAQ. Hogwarts Legacy will let players choose how they interact with characters in many conversations or allow them to learn dark arts, but there will be no “formally tracked morality system” like those in other games such as Mass effect or Notorious labeling players as evil or good depending on their actions.

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This specific question was probably raised accordingly with its Gamescom trailer that brought the opportunity to learn Crucio, the Curse of Torture. Of course, this would mean that players have many other ethical dilemmas to consider, which many RPGs manifest through meters that rise or fall depending on the player’s decisions. However, Hogwarts Legacy apparently goes the same way as other modern RPGs like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and give players similar choices without externally tracking them and assigning labels.

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