Francis Lawrence to direct Netflix’s Bioshock movie

Netflix announced that it was working on producing a film based on Bioshock video game franchise earlier this year. Now the streamer has found its director for the project.

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According to a recent report from DeadlineFrancis Lawrence (I Am Legend, The Hunter Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2) has been tapped to direct the upcoming feature film.

The report also mentions that Michael Green (Alien: Covenant, Blade Runner 2049, Logan) has been added to the project as a writer, and the report notes that Take-Two Interactive, 2K and Netflix were looking at a host of A-list directors and writers for the project.

With the film written and directed, eyes are now likely to turn to casting for the project. Since it is unclear exactly which parts of Bioshock franchise is being adapted, it’s hard to say exactly which characters will make it into the film. However, it’s safe to assume that some of the more iconic characters, including the Big Daddies and Little Sisters from the original game, will make an appearance in some way.

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It is not the first time that a Bioshock film has been in the works, and a previous attempt to adapt the film had been attempted in 2008. That film was to be directed by Rank director Gore Verbinski; however, things ended up not working out. Verbinski was quite vocal on the film’s main issue: financing and its assessment. He wanted an R-rated film, but could not get the financial support for such a rating.

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