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Midnight Fight Express is just a few days away from its August 23rd release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and publisher Humble Games has just released a gameplay trailer for the upcoming action brawler. The video goes through its many melees and all the fast bloody combat worthy of one John Wick movie.

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Although it has an isometric camera angle, it appears to have many of the same mechanics like Sloclaps Sifu. In addition to regular hits, there are counter and guard breaks that players must use quickly as they are surrounded by multiple goons. These moves use mocap from Eric Jacobus who was Kratos’ stuntman in 2018’s god of war. Humble too released a video of him mocking the game’s animation earlier in August.

There’s also a rage meter that makes moves more violent, topped only by the game’s array of weapons. Players can improvise with objects around the environment and even use weapons in some situations. Midnight Fight Express even has a combo meter to encourage linking attacks and beatdowns. Of course, there is a focus mode that slows down the action so players can tactically assess the situation.

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Players can even grow through gameplay-changing upgrades (complete with a well-sized tree) and cosmetic gear. These will likely come in handy while chasing scores as the game rates players based on their performance.

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