Morty Multiversus release date set for this month

Just a week after delaying the start of Multiversus’ Season 1, it looks like the game is ready to debut it to fans after all, as Player First Games has confirmed that Season 1 will debut on August 15 2022 with Morty from Rick and Morty set to arrive a week later.

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Season 1 of Multiversus kicks off on Tuesday and will include a brand new Battle Pass that players can pick up and start leveling up to earn in-game prizes. About a week later, on August 23, 2022, Morty will finally join the roster of playable characters, marking the first playable character from the hit TV series Rick and Morty. Rick Sanchez will also be available in Season 1 of Multiversus, but Player First has not confirmed exactly when the character will arrive.

While not too much is known about Morty’s gameplay style, Player First Games detailed a bit about what to expect from the character earlier this month. The character will mostly use projectiles and counters and can “whip himself at opponents”, which can result in some big hits when an opponent has taken enough damage to send them flying off the map. Gameplay of Rick leaked online earlier this month, however, shows the scientist shooting and kicking the upcoming Rick and Morty scene from the show’s infamous “Get Schwifty” episode.

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It’s also not clear if Justin Roiland will provide the voices for both characters. The game already has some bits off Rick and Morty in it, as Meeseeks characters also appear in the game’s tutorials as targets for players to train against. The new combatant coming to the platformer confirms a list of leaked characters that appeared last monthwhich included some wild names like The Hound and Daenerys from Game of Thrones, as well as Ted Lasso from Apple TV+’s hit series. While it’s unclear if all of these characters will make it to the title, MultiVersus seems to pull from a wide variety of places to ensure it has an incredibly diverse roster.

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