Exclusive Gossamer Folds clip shows the moving drama

ComingSoon is excited to debut an exclusive clip from Gossamer Folds, the upcoming drama film from writer Bridget Flanery and director Lisa Donato. The film is currently showing in select theaters and will be available via video-on-demand on August 23.

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The theatrical locations where you can currently see the film are as follows:

  • San Francisco – Cinelounge Tiburon – August 12th
  • Los Angeles – Lammle Noho – August 12th
  • Chicago – Facets Cinematheque – August 12th
  • New York – Spectacle Movie Theater – August 19
  • Houston – Alamo Drafthouse Katy Texas August 26th
  • Palm Springs – Mary Pickford D’Place – August 26

Gossamer Folds takes place during the summer of 1986 and examines the close bonds people can form in the most unexpected places,” reads the film’s synopsis. “Ten-year-old Tate Millikin is abruptly uprooted and forced to move to the suburbs of Kansas City, where his transphobic father discovers that their neighbor is a trans woman named Gossamer. After learning this information, he quickly forbids Tate from saying hello to her. When Tate’s parents’ marriage dissolves, young Tate chooses to defy her father’s orders and instead forms a strong relationship with Gossamer and her father, Edward. The beautifully woven story shows the important role friends play in learning who we are and who we want to be.”

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Gossamer Folds starring Alexandra Gray, Jackson Robert Scott, Shane West, Franklin Ojeda Smith, Ethan Suplee and Yeardley Smith.

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