Who is Vomi in Dragon Ball Super, why does she look like Android 21?

A small but startling revelation that came from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was the brief appearance of (a picture of) Vomi, who you may have noticed looks like Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ. Who is she really? Why does she look like Android 21? Is she cool now? Let’s answer these questions.

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Who is Vomi?

Vomi is a Red Ribbon scientist and the wife of Dr. Gero. As such, she is Dr. Hedo’s grandmother and mother of Gevo – the person Android 16 would be based on, as well as another child who would become Hedo’s parent. She was very intelligent and held the position of researcher at Red Ribbon.

Vomi can meet in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, where she works for Capsule Corp. under dr. Map. Since Vomi is not alive in the main series timeline at this point, her appearance is a bit confusing, but interesting nonetheless.

Why does Vomi look like Android 21?

The reason why Vomi looks like Android 21 is quite simple: Android 21 was based on Vomi. While information about Android 21’s background is a bit all over the place, the most commonly used backstory seems to be that Dr. Gero made her from his late wife’s template.

Although 21 herself says at one point that she was once human and was turned into an android, she has given conflicting information about whether she is an android or the real thing. However, since we’re told that Vomi is long dead, it’s safe to assume that Android 21 is her own person.

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Will Vomi return in Dragon Ball Super?

Given Vomi allegedly died long before Dr. Gero did, the chances of Vomi himself appearing in the rumours continue of Dragon Ball Super anime or future films. Sure, she could always be wanted back with the Dragon Balls, but none of the main characters have much of a reason to specifically bring her back.

Android 21 could theoretically appear and is the most likely version of Vomi to return. Although Android 21 has primarily appeared in games (Dragon Ball FighterZ, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Missionand Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2), an anime debut is not out of the question – especially given her popularity. Since Vomi is canon, there’s no reason to believe Android 21 isn’t until proven otherwise, so one or both of these characters returning isn’t entirely out of the question.

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