Kevin Feige originally wanted to kill off the original Avengers in Endgame

Before Avengers: Endgame release, there were a ton of rumors swirling about what would happen, and more importantly, which characters would make it out of the film alive.

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According to directing duo Russo Brothers in a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige ruled that the entire original Avengers group would die by the end of the film.

“There were a lot of rumors swirling about who was going to die,” Joe Russo said. “Kevin actually pitched at one point and took all the OGs off the board. We thought it was way too aggressive and that the audience wouldn’t be able to process it. And that actually, choosing one or two characters to sacrifice themselves through the film, can give you moments throughout the film where the action could stop and you could have emotional catharsis and then continue with the narrative.”

Of course, while the team didn’t end up sacrificing all six members of the Avengers, the Russos did kill two of them, including Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man — something the duo revealed earlier this year was a problem for others. director and MCU alum Jon Favreau.

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“Part of the pressure came from Jon Favreau, who called us after he read the script and said, ‘Are you really going to kill off Iron Man?'” Anthony Russo said in the interview. Joe Russo then spoke up, confirming more of the story and recalling that he spoke to Favreau on the phone to try to “talk him off the edge.”

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