Midnight Sun’s Captain Marvel Gameplay showcases her unique abilities

Just a few days later teasing her inclusion in the gamethe latest gameplay showcase for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is about the most possible Avenger, detailing how Captain Marvel’s unique abilities and skills will work in the game.

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The gameplay showcase comes courtesy of 2K NextMaker Christopher Odd and tackles what promises to be one of the strongest heroes in the game. Unlike other heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Captain Marvel has her own mechanic designed specifically for her and her playstyle, the Binary Meter.

This meter can be built up the more you play Captain Marvel’s cards, and when it is full, Carol Danvers is able to enter the “Binary State”, which gives her a boost in powers and doubles her attack power, making her to a true force to be. counted on. While in her binary state, Captain Marvel will fall out of it if her block ever reaches zero, so players will want to keep an eye on that and make sure her block stays high while engaging with enemies.

Other attacks shown in the gameplay showcase include abilities like Cosmic Ray, a blast that Captain Marvel sends out to deal damage. However, the card can be upgraded to provide counter abilities, dealing damage to enemies that attack you for a full turn, which can be quite handy if you find yourself surrounded by enemies. Captain Marvel’s passive ability, “Didn’t Feel a Thing”, increases the chance of you getting a counter ability on each enemy you knock out. This could be one of the better passive abilities in the game, as Captain Marvel’s tank-like abilities work extremely well with something like the ability to deal extra damage.

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It’s unclear who the next character show will be, but Midnight sun has a pattern of rolling out teaser videos of superheroes before focusing on them in an in-depth way, so the next character teaser should give us an idea of ​​who to expect a deep dive on.

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