DC Films president Walter Hamada almost quits after Batgirl cancellation

The fallout from the sudden and abrupt cancellation of Warner Bros. Discovery’s Batgirl continues to come out with a new report mentioning that DC Films president Walter Hamada almost left the company after the move.

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According to The Hollywood ReporterHamada was informed of Batgirl‘s cancellation during a recent Black Adam test screening. The explanation given coincided with recent comments from Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. According to the report, Hamada was not happy about not being consulted on the move and was concerned about the impact the decision would have on those involved in the film’s production.

The report also mentions that Hamada came close to leaving the studio altogether, although things haven’t progressed that far yet. Instead, Hamada will remain in his post as DC Films president until at least October 21, 2022, when Black Adam is set to release. However, according to a source, Hamada was described as “on hiatus” and hasn’t quite made a decision to “do this opponent yet,” so it’s unclear if Hamada will remain with the company beyond this year.

As for the larger DC Extended Universe, it looks like the big movies set to release in the coming years are still on track to do so, at least for now. This includes The lightningWhich one Rolling Stone reports remains on track for a 2023 release date despite the various issues star Ezra Miller has been dealing with over the past few months.

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With only five films — Black Adam, Shazam! Wrath of the Gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The lightningand Blue Beetle — with concrete release dates as of now, it’s anyone’s guess what the future holds for the world of DC Films.

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