MultiVersus’ Rick & Morty DLC delayed, will be ‘Unaffected’ by Warner Bros. Fusion –

MultiVersus is all about Warner Bros.-themed mayhem, but it sounds like the platformer won’t be influenced by Warner Bros. chaos outside the game. The title’s executive explained the same on Twitter, which came right after the delay MultiVersus‘first season.

The game’s official Twitter account announced that its first season would be pushed from August 9 to an unknown date in the future, and more would be revealed “very soon.” August 9th would also mark the day of Morty’s death Rick and Morty had to enter the game. Rick was also supposed to be in later during the first season, meaning that the delay of the first season has also subsequently pushed the release of these two DLC characters. The current season will run until August 15, but it’s not clear if that’s an indication of Season 1’s new launch date.

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While it doesn’t appear to be a major delay that implies major issues, Warner Bros. has gone through some big changes with its merger. However, according to Game Director Tony Huynh, the game will be “unaffected” by Discovery and Warner Bros. fusion. Player First Games is an independent game studio not owned by Warner Bros., but some have probably assumed that the Warner Bros.-heavy game could be one of the many aspects currently being shaken up. After all, a 2021 report mentioned that NetherRealm Studios’ next game was indirectly influenced by Warner Bros. dramawhich the report claimed the team was focusing on Mortal Kombat 12 instead of Injustice 3 due to the hesitation of developing a game with Warner Bros. grades in times of uncertainty.

It seems like MultiVersus will keep trucking and might even see new reveals this weekend at Evothe largest annual fighting game tournament. An alleged list leak also hinted at a ton of characters coming down the road, so if that’s accurate, the team might stick with the game long enough to see them come to fruition.

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