Back 4 Blood Expansion 2 Adds new campaign, cultist enemies

Turtle Rock Studios isn’t done with its co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood. The studio has revealed the second premium expansion pack for the game, which is called Children of the Serpent. This content drop is set to arrive in the game on August 30, 2022.

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This expansion pack introduces a brand new set of human enemies, The Children of the Worm. These cultist-like enemies appear as menacing as they look, as they are dressed in sinister-looking outfits and hold a variety of weapons, including guns, a bow and arrow, poison jars, and what appear to be metal claws designed to their hands. They will also be the game’s first human enemies.

Along with the new enemies, a new campaign story – Act 5 – will arrive in the game, giving players the chance to continue exploring the ongoing story of Back 4 Blood. The Children of the Worm will tie into the DLC chapter in some way, though it’s unknown exactly what the campaign will have in store for players when it drops.

“Prophet” Dan, the DLC’s new playable character, is also one of its biggest additions. Appearing to be of Irish descent given all the pins and stains on his jacket, this new Cleaner has a sinister appearance as well as an impeccably styled moustache. However, Turtle Rock did not reveal what kind of abilities he will have. There’s also no trailer showing Dan or the new levels in action, but that will no doubt come at a later date.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be an expansion pack without a number of new things to play with. Children of the Serpent also features a number of gameplay-related accessories, maps and weapons, including the Lockjaw rifle and a Bear Trap, yes, trap. It also has its share of cosmetic inclusions, as seen in the eight new 8-bit themed character skins and weapon skins if players want to brighten up their zombie survival. The character skins, as shown in the image above, don’t seem to have a cohesive theme like the weapon cosmetics.

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