Marvel’s Avengers sets release date for Thor’s Sunny Days outfit

Last week, Crystal Dynamics revealed some swimwear cosmetics for a handful of heroes in Marvel’s Avengers, with Black Widow’s release right after its official reveal. The team have now confirmed who’s next to get their beach duds, as Thor’s Sunny Days Outfit will be made available in-game just in time for the dog days of summer.

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Thor’s “costume” is nothing more than a pair of swimming trunks complete with an Asgardian belt and bracelet combination and a pair of sunglasses to ward off the sun. Thor’s outfit will be made available inside Marvel’s Avengers marketplace tomorrow, August 4, 2022, with Iron Man’s outfit set to arrive sometime in the future. At this rate, it will likely be released next week.

Inclusion of more beach friendly outfits follow various leaks from Miller – an insider who is regularly right when it comes to Marvel’s Avengers leaks – which have suggested that the costumes would be coming to the game alongside a number of other summer-themed outfits. But outside of Black Widow, Thor and Iron Man, no other outfits have been shown yet, so fans looking to dress The Hulk or Captain America in bathing suits will have to wait for now.

In addition to the news of new Sunny Day outfits, the studio also announced that a brand new shipment would arrive tomorrow, and it would include an MCU-inspired costume inside.

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The latest shipment to land in the game will contain Tony Stark’s Iron Man 3 costume which sees the traditional red costume overcome with more gold plating. The shipment, which contains various cosmetic items as well as the chance for the outfit itself, will also arrive in-game on August 4th in the marketplace. This isn’t the first time this costume has been in shipments either, as it was also included in these boxes in February and June.

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