Interview: Lee Pace discusses creating tension in bodies bodies bodies

ComingSoon spoke to Body Body Body star Lee Pace about his role as Greg in the black comedy slasher film and which franchises Pace still wants to be a part of. Body Body Body will be released in theaters on August 5.

“When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game goes awry in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong,” reads the film’s official. synopsis.

Jonathan Sim: In Bodies Bodies Bodies you play Greg. Tell me about this character and how you went about translating him from page to screen.

Lee Pace: I play Greg, who is the new boyfriend of one of the group of friends named Alice. He’s someone she recently met on Tinder, and basically they’re only in the second week of their romance. He accepted an invitation to come down to this crazy house party with a bunch of kids about 15 years younger than him. He’s just a laid-back guy who wants to have a good time and has no expectations of what this weekend is going to bring. He just wants to have fun and kind of meet this group of Gen Zers on their side and have a carefree weekend with them.

I think it’s so fascinating, the places that your character ends up going. What was the process like working with all these talented actresses and building a good initial dynamic between all of them?

I’m in an interesting position with Greg as a character who doesn’t necessarily understand all the codes they share and understand all the games… their customs and stuff. So I think a lot of what they do surprises him. Some of it is like, “oh, fun, cool. What a fun experience.” And I think some of that is troubling to him and definitely makes him want to take a step back and remember who he is in a relationship with him. And it’s interesting, those moments for me. Like in the game when they’re all beating each other up and Greg’s kind of like, “I don’t know if I like this. I don’t think this is very nice.” In the game, when there’s tension between him and David, I think there’s a real sense of “why are you acting weird? It doesn’t have to be weird. Why are you trying to make a problem with me? I don’t want to fight with you. You’re a kid,” you know? What’s the point? So that was a way of thinking about the character that I found really interesting is that he’s someone who’s not going to be hooked by the chaos. He’s going to try to de-escalate, which does not survive long in this world.

This is a character that you should have a lot of fun playing. Is there a scene or moment in this movie that stands out as your favorite scene to film?

One of my favorite scenes to film was … I really liked the scene in the game where they come in, they find me dead, and they start trying to solve the Bodies Bodies Bodies game to see who had killed me. It just kind of escalates into this bizarre tension between him and David that he doesn’t want to engage in. And it signals to him that this night is going sour and it’s probably best to just go to bed and avoid it. I found an interesting reality to that scene. I really enjoyed that scene. I also really enjoyed the scene where they find me in the gym and I think they are still playing the game. It takes me a while to trust that they aren’t playing the game. They are not only with me that they are actually really scared and that fear makes them mortal and I have to take it seriously and defend myself. Even to the end, I feel his instinct is to de-escalate and make sure no one gets hurt.

You’ve worked in many big film franchises before, like Twilight, The Hobbit and Marvel. Are there other film franchises that you would be interested in participating in?

Oh, I love everything. If the grade is cool, I’m down. My strategy is quite simple. I want to play characters that I connect with, that I find something inspiring or interesting, whatever it is. I like playing villains. I like playing complicated characters, but if I read something on the page that I’m like, “oh yeah, I’m excited about this. I can do something about this.” Then I pursue playing the character. If there’s a director involved that I particularly want to work with, then that’s always something I want to pursue. So that’s really where it starts for me.

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