Batgirl execs ‘shocked’ by cancellation, issue joint statement

After the shocking news of BatgirlIn yesterday’s cancellation, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have issued statements that the film will not be released.

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Taking to Instagram, the duo issued a lengthy statement saying they were “saddened and shocked” by the sudden news and couldn’t believe the film – which many reports seem to suggest was completely finished – wouldn’t be coming out. .

“We are saddened and shocked by the news,” the statement read. “We still can’t believe it. As directors, it’s crucial that our work is shown to audiences, and even though the film was far from finished, we wish fans around the world had had the opportunity to see and embrace the final film for themselves film. Maybe one day insha’Allah they will.”

The statement went on to praise the film’s crew and cast, including Michael Keaton, JK Simmons, Brendan Fraser and many more.

“Our amazing cast and crew did an amazing job and worked so hard to bring Batgirl to life. We are forever grateful to have been a part of that team. It was a dream to work with such amazing actors as Michael Keaton, JK Simmons, Brendan Fraser, Jacob Scipio, Corey Johnson, Rebecca Front and especially the great Leslie Grace who portrayed Batgirl with so much passion, dedication and humanity.Anyway, as huge fans of Batman since we were little kids, It’s a privilege and an honor to have been a part of the DCEU, even if it was for a brief moment. Batgirl for life.”

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Batgirl was set to play Leslie Grace (In the Heights) as Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. The hero was first seen in 1967 Batman series with the late Yvonne Craig playing Barbara. Her first cartoon appearance was in Detective Comics #357 by author Gardner Fox and artist Carmine Infantino.

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