Long Gotham Knights Gameplay Video Dives Into First Big Mission – ComingSoon.net

WB Games Montréal has built up to Gotham KnightsLaunch October 25 with a string of trailers based on its playable characters, long questions and answersand one detailed gameplay breakdown. The studio recently released another video more like the latter, showing an uninterrupted look at the first mission outside of the intro.

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IGN, as part of its IGN First coverage of the game, featured the video exclusively on its channel. It shows a look at the player choosing which character to play as before breaking into the Gotham City Police Department to investigate a crime. The mission takes Batgirl through her tutorial, showing the basics of detective work, combat, traversal, and stealth. All these aspects are similar Arkham counterparts, but also different in a few ways. However, the games are not in the same universe.

The video also notes that it doesn’t actually contain the literal first minutes of the game, as there is a prologue mission before this one that WB Games Montréal is keeping under wraps. It’s likely that the team wants to leave has heavy narrative implications for the players to figure out for themselves.

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