Fullmetal Alchemist Game Gets Gameplay Trailer, Japanese Launch Date

Square Enix held a long prerelease stream to help inform potential players about it Fullmetal Alchemist mobile was launched in Japan on August 4. The game takes the characters from Hiromu Arakawa’s beloved manga and anime and transfers them into a tactical game you can take on the go. The showcase covers plenty of gameplay highlights and confirms that the final release will be coming to Android and iOS at launch.

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For those who have missed Square Enix’s marketing blitz thus far, Fullmetal Alchemist mobile looking to Nintendo’s Fire emblem for inspiration. Characters move on grids and attack when needed, unleashing the alchemical energy the series is known for. Characters from across the show are built into the game’s narrative, which covers significant events from the show while also diverging to stretch things out to the indefinite length of a mobile adventure.

This includes in-universe stories not seen before in others FMA adaptations and projects. The panel, on hand to talk about the game in the pre-launch stream, talked about the game’s many side stories, the massive cast of included characters on offer, and new clips of gameplay shown for the first time.

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Advance registration for Fullmetal Alchemist mobile is still available on the game official website for the August launch in Japan, although no known US launch is yet planned. Players can get various in-game rewards for registering their interest early, so possibly FMA fans in the land of the rising sun looking for a new mobile addiction should take a look.

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