Seoul Vibe Teaser previews Netflix’s fast-paced South Korean action flick

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for Seoul Vibe, the upcoming fast-paced action thriller starring South Korean actors Yoo Ah-in and Koh Kyung-Pyo. The film will be available for streaming on August 26.

“When choosing the exterior look of the vehicles, we wanted to aim for a hip-hop and retro feel. I like to call this a ‘hip-believe’ vibe.” director Moon Hyun-sung said in a statement. “Seoul Vibe is also packed with colorful visuals, funky music and retro fashions that bring the trendy 1980s to life.”

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The trailer features a clumsy team of drivers and mechanics led by Dong-wook, a talented driver who has perfect driving skills. Together, they will try to stop a massive money laundering ring just days before the country’s long-awaited Olympics in Seoul in 1988.

Check out Seoul Vibe teaser in the player below:

The heist action film stars Yoo Ah-in as Dong-wook, Koh Kyung-Pyo as John Woo, Lee Kyu Hyung as Bok-nam, Park Ju-hyun as Yoon-hee and Ong Seong-wu as Joon-gi. It will also feature appearances from Kim Sung-kyun, Jung Woong-in, Moon So-ri and Oh Jung-se.

“The summer of 1988 sees South Korea in the grip of Olympic fever as Seoul prepares to host the massive event,” reads the synopsis. “In the days leading up to this summer’s Olympics, a crew of drivers and mechanics called the ‘Sanggye-dong Supreme Team’ uncover some shady dealings involving a VIP slush fund.”

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Seoul Vibe is directed by Moon Hyun-sung from a script written by Sua Shin. It is produced by Yoo Hyung-Seok and Kwon Oh-hyun. The film is a production of Andmarq Studio and UAA.

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