Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Explainer Video Breaks Down Upcoming Free Roguelite Mode –

Ubisoft briefly showed the surprise that the Roguelite mode will bring Assassin’s Creed Valhalla during its anniversary stream in June as it revealed the next phase of the game’s general roadmap. It was more of a broad look, but now the company has released a more focused video detailing what players will discover when they delve into Niflheim for Forgotten Saga when it drops for free on August 2nd.

The tip video explains how there are four levels to Niflheim that players must go through to presumably fight Hela at the end. Each also seems to have a different visual style. Although it does not appear to have procedurally generated layouts (With pleasure Far cry 6‘s roguelite DLC), some paths crumble when crossing them, giving it more replayability as it will take new runs to see other branches. It may also be easier to go straight to the exit, but it may leave an important upgrade that makes pathfinding an even bigger choice.

Upgrades are essential as users will not have access to the equipment from the main game and must obtain it during their run. There are hidden buffs and secrets in addition to chests that provide perks or coins for the player to choose from. Coins can be used in shops to get items as well.

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Some perks perish with Eivor, but others remain, making it a roguelite and not a roguelike. Weapons are randomized each time and are not persistent, but armor remains even after death. It appears that there are two types of currency that let players choose their perks before starting, but Ubisoft hasn’t detailed that aspect. It also seems that dying can open up more story progression, as is the case with games like it Hades, but that part of the video was a bit vague. Not all side missions that provide loot can be completed in a single run, so users have to pick and choose what to do.

Ubisoft not only confirmed the aforementioned August date in the comments of the video (something strangely absent in the video, its description, or on the game’s social channels), but also stated Forgotten Saga wants his own trophies and achievements. As is usually the casethey will probably go live just before the update comes out.

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Forgotten Saga will likely be part of the game’s final set of updates. Not only has it been out for nearly two years and received many expansions and free updates over that long period, Ubisoft confirmed that it plans to talk more about the “final episode of Eivor’s story” later this year. The company also holds a stream in September to talk about the “future” of Assassin’s Creed series. That would probably be a good place to confirm the frequently reviewed Assassin’s Creed games that take place in Baghdad. Said title was supposedly the unnamed game as well Ubisoft delayed beside Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

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