Vengeance Interview: Boyd Holbrook Talks Family Dynamic, Indiana Jones 5

ComingSoon spoke with Boyd Holbrook about his role as Ty Shaw in the upcoming mystery film, Revenge. Holbrook discussed the process of portraying a family with fellow actors and gave a brief update on his thoughts on it Indiana Jones 5.

The synopsis describes the film as “a darkly comedic thriller about Ben Manalowitz, a journalist and podcaster who travels from New York City to West Texas to investigate the death of a girl he was in contact with.”

Jonathan Sim: Tell me about the character Ty Shaw and what your process was like in terms of translating this interesting guy from script to screen.

Boyd Holbrook: I played Ty Shaw, who is the brother of Abilene, who is desperately trying to find out what happened to her and her disappearance. For me, the real challenge was finding someone who was truly authentic and who wore their heart on their sleeve and [is] not trying to have any bravado or other qualities that were the macho patriarchal father or person in the family. He was just someone that I had never been able to play before, and BJ [Novak, Director, writer, and actor in Vengeance] Had given me such a rich character to perform.

You were able to work with BJ Novak on this film as both director and co-star. What was the initial process like in terms of working with him and helping to bring his vision to life?

BJ juggled a lot of spinning plates on this one. He wrote this from scratch [and] he produced this film. He was also an actor on top of that. He directed … so for me a lot of the entertainment was just sitting back and watching him pull all of this off, and really come in as prepared as possible to make his life a lot easier. BJ gave me a wonderful book at the beginning of the process called “Truth in Comedy.” So we never tried to play the jokes. We just really led the way in the authenticity of this family and who they are in this eccentric group of characters.

You talked about your character’s interesting family. What was the environment like behind the scenes with you and all the actors who play the Shaw family?

There were so many of us, many people didn’t have… Eli for example, this is one of his first roles. It was a lot of … I guess I could say tenderness … that we all have with each other, trying to create this family dynamic. We all have a limited amount of time to close that gap as quickly as possible. So you find that everyone is very supportive and helps them. It’s not a very unstable set where you have an elite group of actors trying to do their own thing. We gather as a community here to tell the story.

You’re reuniting with Logan director James Mangold on the fifth Indiana Jones film. Is there anything you can tell us about this movie that will get people even more excited to see it?

I can absolutely 100% guarantee that this will be a fast, bad, entertaining movie. Jim Mangold just can’t make a bad movie.

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