Gaten Matarazzo discusses Dustin’s emotional side in Stranger Things

Gaten Matarazzo’s Dustin Henderson has always been known as more of a comedic character on Netflix Stranger Things. But things changed in season four, when Dustin became much more nuanced and connected to his emotional side, which was no accident.

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Talking to TV Insider about his character in the fourth season, Matarazzo said that a more emotional version of Dustin wasn’t necessarily a new thing, but certainly something that didn’t surface as much as it did in the latter half of the season, which saw Dustin deal with The death of Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) and the subsequent conversation Henderson has with Munson’s uncle.

“It’s not necessarily new,” Matarazzo said of his character’s emotional side. “This is the first time something like this has been able to bubble up. You can’t really hide these feelings through jokes anymore. You know?”

As for what the future holds for Dustin and his group of friends in the final season of Stranger Things, it is unknown. But as the characters continue to grow, fans can likely expect much heavier and more emotional moments to come in the fifth season.

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Recently, Stranger Things season 4 set a record for Netflix, having been watched for more than 287 million hours in the week of 23-30. May. Not only is that good enough for the week’s top spot for Netflix, but it’s also more than enough to break the record for the streaming platform’s biggest premiere weekend for an English-language series, previously held by season two of Bridgerton (193 million hours).

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