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Hideo Kojima is known for his unique video game worlds, but the creator recently took to Twitter to talk about a world he put on hold because of how it reminded him of another franchise. According to Kojima himself, he had an idea for a project similar to Prime Videos The boysthe popular superhero show based on the comic book series.

Kojima talked about these in a few different recent tweets. First, he talked about how he left the first season after three episodes and said this was about when he was about to start a project that he had “warmed up for a long time.” Kojima did not go into detail, but he had plans for a detective team (starring Death Stranding and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen) to go up against “legendary heroes behind the scenes.”

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He continued in a later tweet that it was supposed to be a “hard-boiled action movie” with an “amazing black joke setup and a worldview that is the opposite of what we are used to.” And while the concept of getting people to go up against superhumans was like the one found in The boys,, the “setting, the gimmicks and the tone” were all very different.

He said, however, that it was “put on hold” because the idea was too equal to what The boys ended up staying. He followed up by saying that none of it left his head, so he was not wasting resources on this failed project.

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Looks like this was just one of Kojima’s ideas and nothing in the developer’s immediate future. Kojima Productions is currently working on a game with Xbox, which is said to be a horror game called Overdose. Actor Norman Reedus also repeatedly stated that they have just started working on one Death Stranding successorsomething Kojima gave some confidence to with his cheeky response.

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