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Call of Duty and Terminator Crossover Announced – ComingSoon.net

Older action franchises seem to be the perfect target for service game crossovers, whether the crossover makes sense or not. Call of Duty has had many mentioned crossovers in the past and it is about to add more to the constantly growing list as Activision has unveiled a crossover between Terminator the series and its coveted shooting series.

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While the collaboration was teased on Call of Duty Twitter account through a chunk of mimetic poly-alloy (the same metal used to create Terminators) with the Skynet logo stamped in, Activision described part of the Terminator cosmetics in a post describes the upcoming season of the match. Players can purchase a bundle with the advanced T-1000 prototype, as seen in the image above, as well as other time-limited bundles that have not yet been revealed. More information on these drops will come later in the season.

It’s been a few years since Skynet’s killer machines were included in a video game, but they are no strangers to this type of corporate synergy. Arnold has even appeared in WWE games and Mortal Kombat as Terminator (though he did not pronounce the character in the latter), and Sarah Connor crossed over with Gear 5 to coincide with the release of Terminator: Dark Fate.

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This Terminator crossover will take place as part of season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune, which starts on June 22 inside both War zone and Call of Duty: Vanguard. The new season brings the expected update of kampppas, a new battle royale card called Fortune’s Keep, more operators, additional weapons, two new arenas for PVP multiplayer, a remake of a zombie card from Call of Duty: World at Warand much more.

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