Spotlight Interview: A Lot of Nothing Head of Hair Joyce Gillard

Spotlight is ComingSoon’s interview series with under-the-line and/or up-and-coming talent in the world of television and film. Our goal is to focus on the different positions that make the entertainment you love possible instead of focusing solely on actors and directors.

ComingSoon’s Jeff Ames spoke with head of hair Joyce Gillard about her work with A lot of nothing.

ComingSoon: What led you to become head of the hair department?

Joyce Gillard: After years of working in the TV and film industry as a key hairstylist or extra hairstylist, I felt it was time for me to venture out to do more. I wanted to design and create more looks, but knew that the only way I could really do that at the time was to be a department head hairdresser.

What was it about A Lot of Nothing that made you want to work on the project?

The intense story was what sold me! And it also helps to be able to work with a talented cast and amazing crew!

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What was the most challenging aspect of A Lot of Nothing and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging part of the job A lot of nothing came back a year later to finish the project. We were shut down when COVID hit and came back to finish it! Everyone’s appearance changed in a year. I had to recreate hairstyles with the cast who had pandemic hair!

Thank goodness I had good continuity shots to recreate the hairstyles!

Do you have any funny behind-the-scenes stories about the making of A Lot of Nothing?

We used to have fun on set. We were like a big family. We laughed, made jokes, played music and just had fun while filming.

What were some of the things you learned from A Lot of Nothing that you’re excited to apply to future endeavors?

I learned that when everyone has great energy, is on the same page and works together, anything can be done! Even if you have to come back a year later to finish it.

Do you have any upcoming projects to talk about?

I am excited STICKwhich will be released later this year!

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