10 Big Snubs and Surprises from the 2023 Oscar Nominations | Festivals and awards

It certainly did. Andrea Riseborough received a Best Actress nomination this morning, but unfortunately she won’t be competing against any Black women for the Oscar win, because once again, no Black women received a Best Actress nomination. And of course this is just one of the morning’s many disappointments.

In the coming days, videos of nominees hearing their names called will begin to circulate online, and especially with short films, international films and documentaries running, these videos are beautiful, infectious and seem to immediately justify the entire Awards Industrial. Machine that drives us all so crazy year after year.

But right now, we haven’t seen those videos yet, and sharing in the ecstatic joy feels far away in a theoretical future. No, right now it’s outrageous. Oscar nomination morning always feels a little cruel in the moment, when what doesn’t get announced somehow feels so much louder, so much more real, than what does.

It’s important to remember that no movie you love is different today than it was yesterday. It’s still there for you, eagerly awaiting the next rewatch. But a lack of Oscar nominations means that perhaps fewer eyes will find their way to these films over the next few months. Here’s a list of some movies and shows that we’re suddenly sad maybe aren’t being seen by as many people as they should have been.

Danielle Deadwyler to “Add

While it wasn’t necessarily the most shocking snub of the morning (in fact, some pundits have been predicting it for a while), perhaps the saddest omission today was Danielle Deadwyler missing out on a Best Actress nomination for her heartbreaking lead performance as Mamie Till in Chinonye Chukwuis “To.” The strength and conviction of Deadwyler’s determination on screen, especially in a long, deeply powerful single shot during the film’s emotional climax, elevated one of the saddest stories in American history far above any “tragedy porn” trope and instead created one of the most inspiring portraits of motherhood to ever grace the screen.

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