Your astrological winter forecast

Your astrological winter forecast

Written by: Hedy Noemi


Published on: January 19, 2023

Rituals and spiritual practices

Rituals and spiritual practices

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These concepts enrich the spiritual and emotional aspects of some people’s lives. While there probably won’t be peer-reviewed studies on them, there is value in the value they bring to people.

Twenty-three has the potential to bring great change if you decide—around spring—exactly what you want to see blossom.

It helps that January 2023 astrology gives us a gentle start to the year as Mars, Mercury and Uranus retrograde resume direct motion again. This planetary course correction makes January a bridging point where we are not only able to catch our breath, but gain perspective on our ideal future and how to make it happen.

Mars and Uranus Station Direct

Mars is the planetary ruler of courage and rules our ability to take risks and succeed. It was retrograde in Gemini from October to the first half of January, weakening its power. If you felt your tenacity wane at the end of the year, it’s likely to be related to the Gemini part of your natal chart, where Mars has taken its extended nap. Those of us with Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces have probably felt the retrograde’s effects more strongly than others.

Mars finally spun direct in Gemini on January 12th, restoring it to its full power. Procrastination and self-doubt are some of the side effects of a weak Mars, so if your personal astrology has been directly affected by this retrograde, rest assured that your confidence will gradually return this month.

As the red planet takes off towards the end of January, stay aware of Mars-related themes of desire, conflict and dedication, which will be particularly relevant and may speak to us through events or interactions. Consider why you are pursuing certain goals and use this time to question your approach to ongoing challenges. Projects that have lost traction since late October can (and should) be revived; obstacles should begin to melt away in the face of our renewed will to succeed.

Mars represents the spark of our heart’s desire and our ability to take a risk. If we want to see success in this new year, we must ground into the two pillars of Martian wisdom: an unshakable sense of self and a passionate desire to succeed.

Not long after Mars stations direct, Uranus will follow suit on January 22, blessing any creative endeavor that requires unconventional thinking. Channel the rebellious energy of Uranus to gain an exciting new perspective on an old problem. Know that these planets want to support projects that are ripe with authenticity. If you want to create something special, stay close to your heart and use your intuition to identify what deserves your attention.

The influence of the coming lunar cycle

After January 21 – an Aquarius new moon – walk with grace and power but few expectations; this Saturn-ruled lunar cycle wants to see us put our heads down and work diligently. If we can serve our higher selves and our goals, the rewards will be sweeter in February and beyond. In particular, the seeds we plant at the end of January will benefit us when Jupiter changes signs in May and the energy accelerates. It is important to have conviction now and play the long game; don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

The Full Moon in Leo on February 5 will trigger Uranus as well as Venus and Mars, giving us an opportunity for bold self-expression – and perhaps also satisfying an increased sex drive.

Tel Aviv-based astrologer and psychic Hedy Noemi is the founder of Neptune’s nymph. She offers psychic readings, planetary birth chart analysis, and astrology-based life coaching in person or on Zoom.

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