Comfortable heels for wide feet

What are the most professional, comfortable heels for wide feet? Reader N wonders:

I always have trouble finding a pair of comfortable yet fashionable shoes for two reasons – 1) I have wide feet and can only buy wide shoes of which there is a limited selection, and 2) I also have flat feet/collapsing arcs. Could you suggest some brands that have nice shoes in wide sizes (especially those available in Canada?) that are also comfortable and affordable? And maybe other tips about shoe inserts? Thanks!

We have talked about how to find shoes for your weird feet, as well as the best general shoe brands (and tips) for buying comfortable heels, but we haven’t talked about pro shoes for wide feet in a few years now. (I would recommend treating flat feet/wide feet as two separate problems, but your podiatrist can advise you best there — we’ve talked before about women’s shoe inserts to make the heels more comfortable.)

(These gold heels really look like the ones in the picture above!)

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Classic, comfortable heels for wide feet

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Trendy, comfortable shoes in wide sizes

These are a pair of our latest favorite shoes available in wide widths from August 2022!

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Where to find comfortable heels that come in wide sizes (General stores and brands)

Readers have generally praised these brands as being comfortable heels; they also come in wide sizes – many of these have large arch support built in:

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Where to find office shoes for wide feet: Specialty shops

These online stores focus on shoes for wide feet:

More comfortable heels for wide feet

In our final collection of classics black heels for business wearwe rounded up some pumps that came in extended widths, including:

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Some comfortable flats for wide feet

In our last roundup of comfortable apartments for workwe rounded up some flats that came in extended width sizes…

Well-heeled readers – especially those of you in Canada! — what are your favorite brands for work? Which heels are most comfortable for wide feet?

NB This article was originally written on Jan. 9, 2014, but was significantly updated in 2022, unless otherwise noted. Image credit: Stencil.

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