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This is Essential Hot Weather Summer Shirt + 11 Picks

Look forward to dressing sharply when it swells.

Fall and winter are fun to dress up because they have their uniforms: tweed suits. Wool pea coats. Leather jackets. Flannel shirts.

Dressing for warm weather can often feel like a pull-out feature above all else. Dressing well has its place, you think, but when it feels like 100% humidity, that place can not be next to the AC all day.

But that kind of black and white summer style thinking is not necessary. There are a few long-lasting style features that ensure you are comfortable and they are also damn beautiful.

But do not take my word for it, contributor in Primer style Daniel Baraka not only has an eye for classic menswear that feels effortlessly modern, he also has the intense expertise in warm weather to make it practical.

“I grew up in Congo in central Africa. The rainforest climate in the Congo creates these conditions, which are a mixture of intense heat in the summer coupled with really oppressive humidity, ”says Daniel. “This can create difficult conditions to dress in. And then linen became the answer to these conditions, mostly because the loosely woven fabric was super light.”

Enter: The white linen shirt

A white linen shirt has 3 important properties: The loose fit allows for really good airflow, the white color reflects the heat of the sun instead of absorbing it, and the loose weave makes it easy to wear on a long, hot summer day.

“These three conditions together make it the most essential shirt you can have in the summer. Today I am in the humidity of Texas or the dry heat of California at Joshua Tree. I still wear linen shirts on most days in the summer weather. “

The white linen shirt is the damp locality’s own versatile version of the white OCBD. Daniel writes the point back home: “You could dress it up with some jeans, or you could wear some pants, some shorts. I wore it by the pool with swimming trunks. And right where it’s worn, it has this casual look that makes you it coolest guy in the room. “

If you have even the slightest experience with linen your first thought may be that the wrinkle maintenance on a linen shirt makes it all not worth it. But the craziest part of the aesthetic shirt in linen is the texture of the fabric, and the innate wrinkle that comes with it is a property that is not a flaw.

Maybe a strange analogy would be what I discovered after buy my jeep: A muddy Wrangler indeed looks better than a clean. A linen shirt with natural wrinkles created by the movements of your body looks sharper and tighter than a perfectly pressed by the ironing board.

The important thing is that it is the wrinkles that are created from wearing the linen shirt that is the key – a linen shirt with a giant fold down the front from hanging it incorrectly is not the same.

close up of linen shirt

“I always iron my linen shirts after I clean them, and I iron the collar, buttons, sleeves and body of the shirts. And it allows it to form folds while you wear it where your body normally folds or at the elbows. , or when you twist and turn, which adds character to the fabric, ”explains Daniel.

If you are not much of the iron type (like me), a steamer comes in as a slightly close second. Start the day with a quick pass steaming and get to it.

The shirt Daniel is wearing also has another base in the summer style: The belt collaralso known as a mandarin collar, is a buttoned shirt without collar. It is a style as old as shirts with buttons, but has grown in popularity in the last decade. Dropping the collar that encloses your neck is another step in warm and moist comfort.

“It’s like the perfect middle ground between a henley’s casualness and the formal of a regular buttoned down,” says Daniel. “And it fits easily under a jacket, a linen coat or an overcoat.”

When he talks to Daniel about the band collar, he admits to one style hack I just fell in love with: “This was originally a shirt with a collar. There’s a trick I learned young – I cut collars of shirts if the collar gets worn or I want to wear them in the summer. “This is the ultimate way to wear sustainable styletakes an item that can no longer be worn in a particular way and modifies it to extend its life.

man wearing white linen shirt

How to clean a white linen shirt

As always, reference is made to the individual item instructions for care label. In general, you will want to wash on cold in a gentler cycle. If the linen is pre-washed, you can place it in the dryer on low heat, but you should remove it and hang it while it is still slightly damp.

If your white linen shirt starts to turn yellow, OxyClean offers impressive results for laundry bleaching.

Not all linen is created equal, nicer linen, which is generally found on more expensive shirts, will be easier to care for. I have had wallet-friendly linen shirts and suits from H&M over the years, which were virtually impossible to get wrinkles out of; cheaper linen also tends to be more rough to the touch from the rack, though it can become soft with wear.

White linen shirt picks

Linen shirts with ribbon collar

Shirts with linen blend

Choosing a shirt made from linen mixed (usually) with cotton can remove some of the lightness with which it wrinkles and can make care a little less involved, even if you sacrifice some of the innate benefits of a 100% linen shirt.

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