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So… just in case anyone is having a hard time focusing today (no reason! no reason at all!!), let’s have a fun discussion: What would you do if you won the $1.9B Powerball? (Or, frankly, ANY huge sum of money?) Some questions to focus the discussion:

  • Would you give some money to the family or friends (and how much and when)?
  • What would you add? for your life – holiday? private chef? personal assistant?
  • What would you take away? from your life, e.g. would you quit your job or redirect your time/energy elsewhere?
  • What would be top 3 things you would CHANGE about your life, eg home, location, something else?

A few more questions: How often do you buy lottery tickets (if ever)? Do you have a strategy (like a betting pool)? In general, how much do you gamble if you’re somewhere like Las Vegas?

For my $.02 — We would definitely give money to family and friends, but I don’t know how much. I heard somewhere that 20% of your winnings is a good guideline.

(We would also give to charities and causes, although I have no quick ideas of how much or to which ones – a lot would depend on the state of the world at the time.)

Assuming we were able to remain anonymous in collecting the winnings, we probably wouldn’t tell anyone but parents and siblings how much we actually won. We’d probably also wait a bit after news stories (if any) died out about the gains.

I think a whirlwind vacation would be the first thing on my list for ADD, certainly for the three months of summer vacation, but maybe we’d take the kids out for longer to travel (with private tutors).

Maybe we wanted to get a yacht to make the trip easier and so we could bring family and have easy itineraries for the gang… but we’ll see.

A private chef and personal assistant would also be really nice! OK, and a daily fitness trainer would be great too. (I saw a meme that said “What I really need is for someone to follow me around and knock food out of my hand,” and yes, that too.)

What would I bring? As for jobs, I think I’d keep the sites running (although hopefully I’ll outsource more than I do right now, ha) and I’d probably expand the idea of ​​that in terms of offerings – maybe a line of corporate clothing or schmancy retreats or conferences.

(This would be more about hiring the right people to basically do everything – I always imagine the Kardashians basically waltzing into the room, looking over the products people have designed for them – maybe based on a group brainstorming session – and then waltzes out and leaves the experts to actually do the heavy lifting. That would be nice!)

I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to organize my home, so I’d like to take that energy investment away – I’d probably add a household manager (who knows where everything goes and organizes it) to the list.

(We actually talked about this a bit on CorporetteMoms, based on one entrepreneur’s description of her $27 an hour housekeeper and how she employed her.)

My top three changes would be our home (definitely upgrade) and probably location, although we would look in terms of kids and schools. (We already have our property set up; if we didn’t, it would also be a top action item.)

I’m not sure what my third change would be – maybe buying an apartment or home somewhere else with regular plans to spend time there. It’s probably silly to think I could set up a PAC or think tank to influence policy, but then again – you can hire people who know what they’re doing!

As for gambling, I’m not much of a gambler at all – I buy lottery tickets from time to time, but in places like Vegas I’m terribly boring because I give myself $100 to lose. So I’ll be done in five minutes! I also can’t stand cigarette smoke, so spending time on the casino floor isn’t that attractive.

(I haven’t been to Vegas in years, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it despite that – great shopping and restaurants, plus nice pools.)

How about you – what are your thoughts? If you won the lottery, what would you add, remove and change about your life?

Stock photo via Stencil.

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