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Matt Buechele

On this hump day, let’s talk about something funny: What has made you laugh lately?

First up, Matt Buechele, every mom’s secret Instagram crush, recently posted one funny roll about Airbnbs, including how cumbersome the check-out tasks become. (“What is our arrangement? I do occupation for you?”)

Everyone too Hunter Harris’ fun newsletter, particularly this cultural observation: “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the vibes are…genuinely off lately. Everything feels very Annette Bening staring off into space in the bathtub in 20th Century Women. Very much Meryl Streep screaming at the dinner table in Big Little Lies. I’d even go so far as to say Natalie Portman asking Barbara Hershey ‘Which career?’ in Black Swan.”

See this photo we took earlier this summer. Parenthood! Just as I imagined!

Finally, my cousin recently asked my sweet grandma how old she was. “I’m 42,” she answered confidently. “Well, mom, you are 92,” my aunt corrected. My grandmother laughed, “Oh, God, I am really?!” The best, always young at heart.

What has made you smile lately? Movie? Friends? Children? Share below…

PS Funny comedy scenes in moviesand what does your children laugh?

(Matt photo of Troy Hallahan.)

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