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We haven’t had a recipe share in a while, but I’ve seen a lot of discussion in the comments, so let’s discuss! What are you looking forward to doing in autumn? (Have your stock recipes changed, if your work schedule at the office has changed – for example, are you trying more recipes that require 4-6 hours of cooking instead of only being interested in crockpot recipes for all day?)

Some of my favorites are below… all images/Pins via the blogs.

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Psst: here are some of my favorite pots and pans for cooking – I’ve added some notes throughout the post about what I like and why.

Great basic fall recipes

Kalyn’s kitchen Sesame chicken broccoli — we make it with chicken breast or pork tenderloin and serve it with white rice. We bought black sesame just for this recipe, but to be honest, I don’t notice much difference from the regular sesame seeds. (If you don’t have one rice is boilingyou’re missing out – the rice is perfect every time…)

Ina Gartens Panko crusted salmon. Big thanks to every commenter who suggested this; We love it! It calls for one cast iron pan and fry it, but it can be really heavy if you’re serving a group – it’s almost as good if you just cheat and bake it on a baking sheet for a while.

Melissa D’Arabians Fish Picatta. Really easy and tasty. Hmmn, it might be even better if I put it in the air fryer instead of a pan – I’ll have to try that. (I just got it this Cuisinart toaster oven/air fryer, but used this for the past year or so.)

Creations of Kara’s Really good Crockpot Roast Beef. So juicy; it never fails. We often add sliced ​​mushrooms to the crockpot and serve with mashed potatoes. I’ve had various newer crockpots over the years (and somehow ended up with TWO Instant Pots) but the one we use the most is the super old one with the ceramic/stoneware insert.

Great soups and stews

Emily Bites’ Sausage and Tortellini stew. (SO good!) This is where I learned that if you add low-fat cream cheese to broth, you get something much creamier.

Mad on a mission Zuppa Toscana Copycat soup. (Sometimes we add potatoes as well as cauliflower, but you have to make sure to cook them in the broth for 10-12 minutes to make sure they’re cooked.) We’ve made this in the crock pot, but we’ve also just made it on the stove in a dutch oven – I think it makes smaller dishes dirty with the dutch oven. (I have a 3qt Creuset and one 6qt Lodge; I use the Lodge – all the kale and cauliflower can be really bulky until it boils down!)

(Speaking of avoiding dirty dishes, I love using them a food scale to measure ingredients instead of tablespoons and cups — it’s more accurate and you don’t have to wash anything hard!

Maangchi’s Kimchi stew — we cheat a lot with this one and make it with pork tenderloin and plain chicken or vegetable broth. I just bought some anchovy stock tablets though, so I’m excited to try it this fall. (I got mine at Costco, but it seems to have lots of anchovy stock tablets on it Amazon.)

Vegetarian options for autumn

These are both a bit involved but really really good.

Purple carrot Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Beluga Lentils. We’ve cheated on this one and used goat cheese and regular lentils and it’s been OK.

Give me some ovens Roasted Broccoli and Farro Bowls. We skip the red onions.

Breakfast for dinner

Lauren Fit Foodie’s Healthy Sausage Sauce Breakfast Casserole. Weird but really good!

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