dog jump

Last night, nine-year-old Anton did a kind of kicky handstand situation. Then he looked at me and said, “I am a god at chariot wheels.”

Yes! I laughed and clapped.

But his unapologetic confidence reminded me of a women’s leadership group my friend Juliet attended recently. To kick off the session, they were asked to go around the room and say what they were experts in. Even though they were doctors and professors and scientists, none of the women could bring themselves to say they were experts in their fields. It felt too bold, too blunt, too absolute.

But why not? All have expertise in different fields, big and small, serious and light-hearted. Why can’t we say it out loud?

So! I go first: I’m an expert at finding killing Airbnbs, even with many parameters. I am good at talking to small children. I’m an expert at running one women’s lifestyle page. I’m good at faking an English accent. I’m an expert at returning the tickle and drawing words for you to guess. I have learned how to don’t take things personally. I’m an expert at climbing lots of stairs instead takes a scary elevator!!!

On the flip side, I’m certainly not an expert cooking or race or dance or hear small sounds without freaking out.

What about you? What are you an expert in? Being honest! be proud! Tap into the confidence of a nine-year-old boy!

PS A brilliant trick for the worriedand what’s your pro tip?

(Photo by Rowena Naylor/Stocksy.)