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What are you up to this weekend? We are going to our friend’s birthday dinner and our job is to bring a pitcher of margaritas. She also lets me come early to rock her baby to sleep, eeeeeps! Hope you are well and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Is this movie good or is it just french? Haha.

LOVE these pictures of women cold swimming in Maine. They call themselves “ice mermaids”. (NYTimes, gift link)

laughed through this podcast episode with Conan O’Brien and BJ Novak.

Such a beautiful skirt.

Images of a young black boy in America. “In my picture Deep sleep, it looks like my son is sleeping and it’s beautiful. But to me the picture also has this postmortem look. It reveals my fear that he won’t come home one day and have to bury him like so many other black parents have. There are things I’m already teaching him that other kids his age don’t think about. Like, Hey, we probably shouldn’t be wearing a hoodie at night. At the same time, he is just a little boy in the United States.” (Atlantic)

Would you paint your living room ceiling?

This Instagram account made me laugh out loud.

Our Director of Partnerships Maureen has been looking insanely glowing on our latest call. When asked about her secret, she revealed that she had been using this moisturizer. Have you tried it?

yum a very crouton-y salad.

Never Have I Ever’s Maitreyi Ramakrishnan shares her beauty routine. She talks about nose rings, colorism and her grandmother’s eyeliner advice. (Vogue)

Is lingerie coming in a time of innocence? (Elle)

Plus three reader comments:

Emily continues five things in your kitchen that you would never be caught without: “My dear husband who brings his own lime to Chipotle. You read that right: he takes a whole lime because ‘sometimes they can be stingy.’ Once I asked how he cut it and he confirmed using a plastic knife that had me in stitches. Can you imagine sawing away with a plastic knife to cut a lime? In a Chipotle!? I’m dying. Couldn’t love him more!”

Andrea continues what are your daily rituals: “My Serbian grandparents lived with us while I was growing up and their morning ritual was what they called an ‘open eye’ – a hot wax pepper, boiled and sliced; a clove of garlic; and a shot of whiskey. It was normal for me in every way until a friend spent the night in high school. She asked, ‘Do your grandparents make pictures for breakfast?’ I had never thought of it that way, but I couldn’t help but laugh. Yes, they are. They’re long gone, but every now and then, on Serbian holidays, I’ll have a shot of whiskey and a clove of garlic with my husband, and it reminds me of them sitting at the kitchen table every morning and making time for each other. And how what some may see as strange, or even judgmental, is a natural and beautiful part of someone else’s life.”

Alyssa continues what are your daily rituals: “I don’t know why, but reading the comments on this post made me cry! People are so silly and wonderful and complicated and beautiful.”

(Photo by Yossy Arefi to Jenny’s recipe for tomato sandwiches.)

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