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What are you up to this weekend? My father is visiting and we are going to our neighbor’s block party. The boys love the bouncy house and I like to see what everyone brings to the party dinner. We go with either thumbprint cookies or imaginative Rice Krispie treats. Hope you are well and here are a few links from around the web…

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Everyone should be wearing oversized sunglasses. “All fashion should make you say, ‘Hmm, that seems silly.’ I love it.’ Sunglasses most of all.” (NYMag)

Love the idea of go for long walks and just talk to yourself.

Oh, the perfect sweater for a haircut.

A conversation about household inequality. Says Anne Helen Petersen: “I know so many cis-hetero couples where guys leave for eight hours to play golf every weekend; eight hours to go to a friend’s house or to a real football game every weekend. It’s a huge amount of time that seems unimaginable to a lot of women in these straight partnerships. I think men are like… Why would they change it? Why would they want to take it away? If all they have to do is just fighting about it once in a while seems like a small price to pay for having all that freedom.”

Who cares what I wear when I drop off at school? Me.” Such a fun, playful play. (NYTimes gift link)

Now it’s a green kitchen.

This short film makes fetch happen – in Yiddish.

When it comes to eating disorders, brown girls don’t measure up. “I am a South Asian woman with an eating disorder. My struggle with body dysmorphia began when, at the age of six, I was told by my doctor that my BMI (body mass index) was too high and I was put on the first of many diets that would come to define my life Always over the top and eager to please my worried parents, I threw myself into controlling my weight… What I didn’t know at the time was that these numbers reflected white, Eurocentric standards that should never have been applied to me…Eating disorder behavior is so closely associated with whiteness and wealth that for many—including many women of color—the depictions of it can be unintentionally hopeful.” (Elle)

The hair trend which millennials and boomers agree on. *raises hand*

Digging this sexy underwear.

The faces that look back at us when we come out as queer.” What a great interactive article. (NYTimes gift link)

In addition, five reader comments:

Says Sarah further how to say goodbye to a party: “I’m practicing the Midwestern goodbye. When you sit, slap your lap with both hands, say ‘Hi!’, then stand up and walk out the door.”

Says Tina further how to say goodbye to a party: “Does an Italian family ever say goodbye? Endless hugs, kisses, questions about being hungry, being forced to take leftovers, being sucked into one last piece of/the plate… It’s endless! The best/worst is , that we will probably see them TOMORROW!”

Says Ruth further how to say goodbye to a party: “My party mood as a Jew is: ‘What party? We all live in this tent in the desert full time. Why do you want to go? Especially since Aunt Rachel’s cake is just coming off the fire!’ I can’t leave a party. Please don’t force me.”

Says Nigerian Girl on 10 single mothers of their choice share their experiences: “I just listened to the latest episode of the podcast Archetypes, where Mindy Kaling talks about becoming a single mother by choice. We live in such a judgmental world, so I applaud any woman who is brave enough to make this choice.”

Eliz says further who is your celebrity crush: “Bernie Sanders. Check him out as a young hottie, everyone…”

Bernie Sanders young

(Cookie photo and recipe of Yossy Arefi/Instagram.)

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