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What are you up to this weekend? For a Father’s Day escape, we’re on our way to a beach house. The boys can not wait to swim in the sea and even though I am a nerd with waves, I will do my best! Hope you are well, and here are a few links from all over the web …

Wow, this Top Gun 2 review was eye-opening.

Made me laugh.

What it’s like to be a restaurant critic by Adam Platt. “Negative reviews are harder than positive reviews, especially as you get older and friendlier.” Even restaurateurs, like Mario Batali, might shout at you, “I think ‘Platt’s a miserable fuck’ was the direct quote.” (NYMag)

The perfect travel shoes. (Get a 20% discount on any first order with the code COJNEW.)

Summer ricotta with vegetables.

Does anyone know or care about middle-aged women getting any sexual gratification? “asks Emma Thompson.” Before doing Good luck to you, Leo Grande, I had no idea how much I would learn about my attitude towards my own body, to pleasure and to shame – how much I would laugh at the genuine foolishness of so many of our reactions to sexual pleasure, and how much I would cry over what is lost in life when it is oppressed, ignored and punished. ” (Vogue)

Strangely beautiful rocks.

How we paid $ 200,000 in debt in five years. “(NYMag)

8 joyful books to read this Juneteenth.

How I learned to love my father, the critic. (NYTimes)

Our favorite children’s brand has a very rare sale. They are so cute these imprints?

Plus three reader comments:

Mar continues four fun things: “This girl has just bought her first vibrator (after the last few years of deconstructing the religious purity culture I grew up in, hurray)! Thanks to Cup of Jo for helping make this moment possible. Hot Girl Summer, let’s gooooo. “

Elizabeth continues which audiobooks do you like: “I absolutely loved it The Dutch house audiobook, read by Tom Hanks! GAH! Can’t recommend this enough. “Talia adds:” Yes! Yes! Yes! 100% agree! “Jenny says:” Yes! The best read of an audiobook. “

Connie continues how much physical affection you show your parents: “When I went to high school, my affection went from the intimate touch that children show their parents (hugs, climbing on the lap) to the cool, light affection (gentle embraces, occasional cock). It lasted for a decade. Then one day, as a young adult, I got a call from a friend whose mother had died unexpectedly. I hurried to my parents’ house. When I told my mom the news, she pulled me into the tightest grip I can ever remember. I was paralyzed by the magnitude of what my friend had lost, what I still had. After that day, my physical affection for my parents returned: kisses and hugs and small arm touches. Things can easily get lost, and I would not forgive myself if my parents were RIGHT THERE and I did not get the most out of the pure, amazingly lucky fact. ” – Connie, Cup of Jo reader

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