Things to know about luxury gift boxes before you order them

When you give a gift to your friends, relatives or even colleagues, it must have an attractive packaging. The recipient’s interest should be piqued immediately, not only by what’s inside, but also by the package itself.

And that’s what gift boxes do, give a beautiful look and provide optional protection at the same time. These are of various types including corporate, custom, hinged, clamshell and rigid slipcases.

But have you ever come across luxury gift boxes? These take style and elegance to a new level and offer the perfect packaging solution for all gifts. These are popular not only among individuals but also among businesses and corporations who want to create a strong impression on their customers.

The easiest way to find these lovely items is to contact a professional design agency specializing in luxury gift packaging. They will design, visualize and deliver the box according to your requirements. For example, visit Lami for your gift boxes and packaging; they offer a wide selection of boxes for all your needs.

Such companies produce these items for various purposes including welcome packs, corporate events, food basket boxes, beauty products and baby gifts.

Before you go ahead and order one of these luxury boxes for yourself, here is some information about them that you will find interesting.

What are the reasons for their popularity?

As mentioned, luxurious gift boxes are popular among individuals and companies because they exude classicity and immediately impress the recipient. But that is not the only reason for their popularity.

Protects the gift inside:

They use a type of paper material with maximum rigidity, which gives them the best protection against shocks, falls and other external influences that can damage the gift inside even slightly. Some companies prefer to use duplex board, a type of cardboard that is rigid, rigid and moisture resistant.

Improves product appeal:

This one is pretty obvious, but it needs to be said anyway. You might be presenting the most expensive gift in the world, but doing so with poor packaging will instantly ruin its overall appeal among those who receive it. A luxuriously packaged box instantly increases the appeal of the product, even before the gift recipient knows what’s inside.

It can be used for different occasions:

Some gifts are only suitable for some occasions. But a luxury gift is versatile, making it ideal for birthdays, corporate events, product launches, business meetings and holidays. They enjoy noticeable popularity in the business world, where companies give them to employees on work anniversaries.

Elegant interior:

The elegance of the gift reflected not only in its exterior but also in its interior. Design agencies use different methods to decorate the interior, such as adding accessories, inserting a slit and ensuring enough space for the gift to breathe instead of making it look suffocated.

Types of finishes offered by agencies

Finishes are decorative additions that make your packaging attractive, appealing and stylish. Here are three popular ones.


Embossing is a common feature of luxury gift packaging. Most companies prefer to get their gifts embossed because it helps draw the customer’s attention to their brands effectively, not only because of the protruding letters or images, but also because they can feel them.

Wax seals:

Wax seals were once used exclusively for official purposes. However, they have found their way into the world of creative packaging over the years. One of the primary reasons for using these is the long-lasting impression they make.

There are different types of wax you can choose from, including wicked, glue gun and beads. You can add your initials or a picture to draw the recipient’s attention to the seal.

Belly Band:

It refers to a long piece of paper wrapped around a gift box. Also known as a package sleeve, it is used by companies in their gift packaging to draw attention to their brands even before the recipient has a chance to open it.

You should contact a professional design agency to design appealing and attractive luxury gift boxes. Before you do, it’s a good idea to ask them about their turnaround time and the finishes they offer.

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