The ideal workplace: The office, WFH, Remote or Hybrid?

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I think at this point most offices have transitioned from their pandemic policies to the next for the company policy – I know this can create a lot of movement! I’m curious: what is your ideal workplace if you could choose? What is your current work situation and does it reflect your ideal?

Here are the questions:

  • How has your company policy changed and do you think it is still changing?
  • Are you in the office all the time, or only some of the time?
  • Do you still have your own office or cabin, or are you hot-desking?
  • If you are remote for some or all of the time, do you prefer to WFH – or somewhere else, like a coffee shop?
  • (If you live with other people, how has their situation(s) affected yours?)
  • What is your ideal workplace and are you looking for a new job because of it (looking for all remote work or all office work?)

I’d also wonder how seniority plays into this – I’ve seen a lot of talk about how difficult it is to teach new lawyers to be distance lawyers, for example.

As I noted back in early 2020, working from home doesn’t necessarily mean working from your kitchen table either. Some people prefer to go to coffee shops, libraries or even hotel lobbies to get their work done. Having your own office set up just for you makes a huge difference too! Depending on your company policy, you can even become a digital nomad and live elsewhere in the country or the world.

What is your ideal workplace this year – office, WFH, remote or hybrid?

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