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We’ve published a few posts about plus size workwear recently – most recently plus-size suits for interviews — but this week we thought it was definitely time for another post on the best places to shop for plus-size work clothes. If there’s anything we missed, please share your suggestions in the comments!

Earlier we talked about 7 Clothing Brands You Didn’t Know Offer Extended Sizes, the best plus size maternity clothes for work, the best workwear for petite plus sizesand where you can find designer plus-size clothing.

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The best places to buy plus size workwear

Great stores recommended by readers

Additional stores with Plus-Size workwear

Above are some of our favorite plus size wrap dresses for work: one / thaw / three / four / five (not in the picture, but check it out too this Etsy seller)

collage of 5 plus size women wearing t-shirts: 1) white crew with long sleeves, 2) wide V neck with elbow sleeves, 3) navy blue boat neck with elbow sleeves, 4) wide V with short sleeves, 4) rounded V with short sleeves sleeves

In the picture above are some of them best plus size t-shirts for work: one / thaw / three / four / five (also this)

Environmentally friendly work clothes in large sizes

Plus-size eco-friendly workwear can be even harder to find; from 2021, they are the ones we know about…

Where to buy Designer Plus-Size work clothes

Also check out our post on where you can find designer plus-size clothing for professional women.

The Best Stores for Plus-Size Suits

Image of 5 plus size women wearing 1) a crisp popover blouse with a collar 2) a crisp front blouse with 3/4 sleeves 3) a silky front dress with a V-neck but no collar, 4) a silky popover blouse with V-neckline and 5) a crisp popover blouse with a collar

Pictured, some of the best plus size workwear blouses from 2022: one / thaw / three / four / five

Where to buy Plus-Size work clothes in extended sizes

Work clothes in Petite Plus sizes

Also check out our latest overview best work clothes for petite plus sizes.

From and including Aug. 2022, this is where you can find petites in plus sizes…

Work clothes for sizes 16–18

Also check out our latest overview best work clothes for size 16 and other cusp sizes.

Work clothes for pregnant women in large sizes

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Readers, tell us: What do you think are the best places to buy plus size work clothes? Do you typically shop in stores that only sell plus sizes, or stores with both straight sizes and extended sizes?

Looking for a wide selection of plus-size workwear?  We rounded up 100 SHOPS, including plenty you might not have heard of before - there's a huge variety whether you're in an office casual or a conservative office (or just need a few good pieces for an oversized interview clothing or new job!).  We want to hear your favourites, too… #corporetteplus #corporateworkwear #plussizeworkwear #psworkwear #curvyworkwear #womenlawyers

Admin note: this post was originally written in 2020, but updated in 2022.

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