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Yes, we all know what wardrobe necessities for work Professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you are buying one for the first time or replacing one that you have worn down in the ground, it can be a pain to find the perfect incarnation in the stores. i “The hunt,“We search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Much has changed over the last few years, let’s discuss – what are your favorite workwear bras? Which one do you wear for comfort; which for each day? Do you wear a different bra (if at all) on days you work from home? If you’ve tried some of the tons of indie lingerie brands out there, which have been hits – and which have been missed?

For my $ 0.02, these are general guidelines for workwear bras:

The best bra for office use is discreet – I have always preferred simple t-shirt bras, without seams or lace. (To be honest, it bothers me more to see seams under my clothes than the laces!) Some women would put light padding on the list of office underwear requirements to hide any “headlights” – but you do.

Fit is the key! As for bras: at no point during the day should you wear what I call “the quad boob look” – if your bra cuts into you so it looks like you have four breasts, the odds are good , that your bra is too tight. (I also recently heard the term “bra hats” to describe bras that are way too big in the band for you, which – LOL – but it’s so true. Visit a bra store with specialized expertise (I have always loved Great deals in NYC), or check subreddit, r /ABraThatFits.

Get support where it matters. Keep in mind that most of your support should come from the band, not the straps – also know that if your straps keep falling off your shoulders, you can either have them tailored or even buy lingerie only for little women.

(See more tips regarding fit in our post with style tips for busty women.)

(This is another post, but regarding panties: yes, your panties may be too tight, and no, it does not look good. Here is our last discussion about the best no-show lingerie.)

Readers, let’s hear from you – what are your favorite workwear bras? What are your favorite bras in general these days?

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The Hall of Famers: Best-selling favorite reading bras for workwear

These are all the best selling bras that readers love:

A few remarks on particular categories of bras

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The best bras for workwear

gray Natori Feathers bra

This is a kind of OG – a number of readers have noticed how much they absolutely love it Natori Feathers bh, both in terms of how they look in the bra and the comfort of wearing the bra. It looks fancy in the picture, but it’s generally slippery under the clothes, provided it fits properly. They also have a full cup version for larger breasts. It comes in a multitude of colors and sizes 30A-42H (sizes 38DD + are only in full cup version).

Other best-selling bras at Nordstrom include a bunch from Wacoal: Wacoal consciousness,, Wacoal Basic Beautyand Wacoal Retro Chic bras – each has more than 2000+ brilliant reviews.

Another Natori favorite: readers love Natori Bliss bh and have noticed that it is incredibly comfortable. In particular, the depicted bralette has been a reader favorite over the past few years; they also have a hanger version of it.

Some other options for comfortable bras: True & Co., Natori Pure Luxe,, Wacoal,, Bravado,, Soma. (As a woman with bigger breasts, I own the last four and think they are the unusual mix of supportive but comfortable … True & Co. runs on me, unfortunately, but I keep buying different styles because readers love this thing. You can also get True & Co. on Goal, for what it’s worth, sometimes with a “buy 2 for $ X” kind of sale. I have just bought Harper Wilde Bliss bra which I have heard good things about but have not tried it yet.)

Speaking of larger breast sizes – this Chantelle has been a bestseller for years; it is available in sizes 32C-42G. (This Chantelle minimize is also a bestseller if you are looking for minimizers.)

Other good bras for larger breast sizes (speak in person!) Include Fantasy,, Bird song,, Frejaand Natori. I have a lot of random styles from Elomi that I like a lot, but I do not think I have tried their bestsellers, Matilda and Cate. (Oh wow – I think they stopped selling it for a few years, but Le Mystere bh it was Oprah’s favorite a long time ago is available again.) And of course, if we’re talking about styles for women with bigger breasts, we should mention Bravissimo – they sell clothes, swimsuits and underwear.

Another great reader favorite: the Prima Donna Madisonwhich has been around for 10+ years and how to get in t-shirt styles, bodysuits, diving bras, balconettes and more.

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Readers, let’s hear from you – what are your favorite workwear bras? How have your bra habits changed over the last few yearsif at all?

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Stock photo via Pexels / Nataliya Vaitkevich (The woman sits on a high chair wearing trousers; her blouse is open to reveal her bra).

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