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Readers who attended law school recently: what kind of bag did you bring? Did you change from 1L to 3L year? What do you think are the best bags for law school? We asked Nicole, our law school / new lawyer correspondent… – Cat

Like everything else in law, “the type of bags students use in law school depends”. In this case, what the students use depends on the location of the school and the average age of the students. The younger the median age of students, the more likely they are to carry backpacks. In larger cities, students are also more likely to carry messenger bags or purses than more typical “undergrad” type backpacks.

By googling “X law school class profile” you can usually get an idea of ​​the median age of the most recent law school class and how many students go straight from undergrad to law school. The higher the percentage of students who go directly to law school, the more likely students will wear backpacks!

It is my experience that most students wear backpacks and do not carry briefcases to class unless they are in clinic or external and have to go to court or something right before or after class.

No matter where your law school is located or how old the students are, I’ve put together a list of bags and backpacks that are stylish and functional for law school!

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The best bags for law school Student

The best backpacks for law school

Many younger law students just carry their backpacks from undergrad to law school, and this North Face backpack is a classic example. It can handle law school books and my friends who had this backpack were happy with their investment because it lasted them for seven years!

Another backpack students typically bring from undergrad is JanSport backpack. In addition, some students brought Herschel backpacks (can be purchased at Amazon and, which looked nicer.

When looking for backpacks, make sure you get something sturdy. But remember that you’ll probably want a locker so the backpack doesn’t have to be able to hold all your books at once (and I’d recommend not doing that – your back will thank you)!

Upgrades: The Best Work Backpacks

If your college backpack is looking pretty beat up, you can always go for a more professional looking backpack – which would serve you well during internships and travel, as well as during school. Some of our recent favorites include these:

The best messenger bags and tote bags for law students

Briefcases/messenger bags and purses are becoming more difficult to carry law school books and your laptop into. You will definitely have to rely on your locker or be very forward thinking about exactly which textbooks you need that day. Even a law school book can really weigh you down (looking at you, Con Law)!

For tote bags, you can’t go wrong a classic Longchamp or a Tory Burch tote. Madewell also makes a nice transport bag.

For messenger bags, I would recommend a messenger bag like this one from Matt & Nat or this bag from Kenneth Cole. Messenger bags are great if you’re going to law school in a major city because they’re easy to both navigate public transportation and transition from school to work/networking settings. However, I also think a backpack would be nice!

The best work bags for law students

These are also great for interviews – here are all of them interview tips and resources on campus!

collage of 6 totes including 1) Street Level 2) Cuyana 3) Madewell Transport 4) Tory Burch Ella 5) Lo & Sons Sevilla and 6) Tory Burch Leather Tote

Readers, what were/are your favorite bags for law school? Did/do you use a backpack, tote bag, messenger bag or something else?

Psst – check out all ours must-have school supplies for law school; some of the more random stuff is below (see post for the fuller explanations!):

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