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Complete guide for sofas with sliding covers | Julie Blanner

If you love the look of casual white sofas with slipcover, this guide is for you! Get the ins and outs of this casual elegant look.

We share it all! Find out what to consider when shopping and get sources for a fabulous new sofa with covers at all costs.

No matter the style of your home or your budget, you are sure to find the perfect sofa with removable covers! Read on for all the details.

I have long loved the look of white sofas with slipcover. There’s just something about the comfortable, easy and relaxed look of them that I love!

We have embraced two different looks between our St. Louis Tudor and our Table Rock Lake Cottage. One home is a little more traditional and the other is more modern. But our love for white sofas with slip-covers works in both homes!

In fact, this sofa style can work with many styles of home. Whether your home is casual, eclectic, formal or a farmhouse, there is a sofa with slipcover out there for you.

At one point, slipcovers were sold as loose-fitting, sloppy fabric covers to remake your existing sofa. Not anymore! Now you can buy a sofa with slipcover with the charming, relaxed feeling you love, in a style you can preserve for many years to come.

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A white living room with two white sofas

Sofas with sliding covers

What is a sofa with slipcover? The term slipcover generally refers to a piece of furniture that comes with a removable cover to protect the upholstery.

Most sofas with slipcover are skirt to the floor so no legs show up. White slipcovers are a timeless look, but you can order upholstery furniture in virtually any color or fabric type.

We have several versions of this sofa style between our two homes! We have a classic, affordable Ikea Ektorp sofa and an Ikea section sofa by the lake (unfortunately I think the section is out).

In our St. Louis home, we have a slightly more elevated look, with a sofa in both our living room and family room. Learn more about ours Pottery Barn sofa here and ours sofa in linen here.

Learn all the secrets and techniques how to measure furnitureand get it right the first time!

A bright white living room with a white upholstered sofa and light blue pillows

Why you will love it

  • So easy to clean – just throw the cover in the sink. Some can also be cleaned!
  • Actually read my guide to How to design and maintain a clean house. There is plenty of good information on how a white sofa helps us keep things clean.
  • Look dirty, remove dirt! That’s my philosophy. Just because your sofa is dark, does not mean it is not dirty … on the contrary, actually.
  • Only replace the covers if necessary over time.
  • Change easily with the seasons or when your style changes.

One of the things I love most about this look is that all it takes is a simple change of throw pillow cases to make it look brand new! A white sofa with slipcover is the perfect backdrop for any accent color you would like to bring into your home.

A white living room with two white sofas

What to consider: Pros and cons

  • Dyes for clothes – Yes, jeans and dark fabrics can leave a blue tint on your white sofa with slipcover. In our case, it generally washes clean, but that’s something to consider!
  • Washing of Slipcovers – It can be a pain, that’s right. While it’s not my favorite to wash them, I feel it’s worth knowing that our sofa is fresh and clean.
  • Replace the slip covers – Again, this is something we rarely need to do, thankfully. But when it’s time, get ready for some workouts! However, the reward is worth the sweat equity for our family.


  • Quality is often in line with price. For example, down-wrapped pillows will be available at higher price levels.
  • Keep the fabric itself in mind – not all slipcover fabrics are created equal either. Some fabrics are designed to be more stain resistant from the start!
  • Stain clean in between washing your covers. We swear to Folex – It’s a game changer!

A white living room with two white sofas


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