A 5-step exercise to let go of limiting beliefs

A 5-step exercise to let go of limiting beliefs

Published on: July 28, 2022

Recently, Gwyneth did a session with an energy healer Lisa Cooney with cathartic results: “I was gagging, heaving, my whole body was shaking, I was soaking my clothes,” GP wrote of the experience in a goop subscriber-only newsletter. “Releasing, releasing, releasing.”

No matter what personal pain point you come to Cooney for—relationship, malaise, anxiety—she will ultimately guide you to an early childhood experience where you felt that trauma for the first time. She wants to connect the dots between past and present. And she will help you energetically resolve the disconnect between what you believed about yourself then and who you are now.

Lisa Cooney’s Exercise to Change Limiting Beliefs

The idea behind this practice is to get under the hood of your negative thoughts. You identify a belief rooted in your past trauma, examine how it became locked in the body, recognize how that belief is untrue, and practice freeing yourself from your own baggage. It’s simple, but it’s powerful when you do it consistently.

Review the following questions one at a time when you feel emotionally triggered. You can write your answers in a journal if you want, or just answer them in your head.


What is happening right now?


Where do you feel it in your body? Place your hands there and breathe.


When have you felt something like this before?


What did you decide about yourself when you first felt this way?


What will you do to change your reaction to this feeling?

Bring your hands to the heart center and lower abdomen. Emphasize to yourself that the past is in the past and acknowledge how you have changed. Celebrate honoring your body by embracing what you felt. Open your eyes and declare that you are free.

Lisa Cooney, LMFT, is a therapist, author and energy worker based in Dallas, Texas. She offers digital courses in the ROAR Method, which she developed to change negative beliefs created by trauma, as well as one-on-one Access Bars and ThetaHealing sessions.

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